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“Antonia felt a pull, and that tingling in her bones she’d experienced before. She approached to read the letters on the golden-colored plate: Johannes Vermeer: The View of Delft.”


While on a visit to The Cloisters museum in New York City, Antonia and her little sister get pulled into a painting and land in the Dutch city of Delft in 1647. Will Antonia outwit two ancient spirits, keep her wayward sister safe, and find the way back home?


Sisters in Delft is about friendship, sisterhood, and mysterious worlds that lie just beyond our reach.

Cover by GetCovers

Ages 10-13

Brown Cat Press, 2022

Available at your local bookshop or online

Book Two coming soon!

About Sisters in Delft

Sisters in Delft

“Nika Teran’s lyrical middle-grade novel, Sisters in Delft, is not to be missed. Every page is steeped in magic, and she creates a uniquely enchanting world where cracks in time and place exist and can be traveled through – if you have the know-how to find them. This is a book for every child (or child at heart) who has dreamed of stepping through portals into other worlds. Magical from start to finish, Sisters in Delft is a delight.”

-Cordelia Kelly, author of Herbalista in Prairie Witch


“A gorgeous magical mystery reminiscent of E.S. Nesbitt's work: set in the real world, but with magical elements that feel completely natural to the story.”

-Anita Lehmann, author of The Geneva Chronicles, co-author of 50 Amazing Swiss Women


“A whimsical tale of sisterhood and adventure set in two worlds, Sisters in Delft is colorful and spirited and rich with detail. Despite its light-hearted feeling, it doesn't shy away from asking the more serious questions about growing up and family tensions.”

-Michelle Bailat-Jones, author of Unfurled and Fog Island Mountains


“Rich in atmosphere and suspense, Sisters in Delft is a great choice for anyone who loves time travel, fantasy, and historical fiction. Nika Teran fills the sisters' journey with magical elements, a deep appreciation for historic Delft, and romance, all the while intertwining contemporary New York City with historic Delft.”

-Sandra Nickel, author of The Stuff Between the Stars and Breaking Through the Clouds

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